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Bảng giá Mua Single Lead AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor/ECG Developemt Kit for
Arduino - intl

Bảng giá Mua Single Lead AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor/ECG Developemt Kit for Arduino - intl

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Giới thiệu sản phẩm Single Lead AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor/ECG Developemt Kit for Arduino - intl

Descriptions: 1. AD8232 is an integrated front end for heart rate monitoring by signal conditioning of cardiac bioelectricity signals An integrated signal conditioning module for ECG and other bioelectrical measurement applications. The device is designed to extract, amplify, and filter weak bioelectricity signals in the presence of noise generated by movement or remote electrode placement. The design allows the ultra low power analog to digital converter (ADC) or embedded microcontroller to easily collect and output signals. 2. It uses a bipolar high pass filter to eliminate motion artifacts and electrode half cell potential. The filter is closely coupled with the instrument amplifier structure to achieve single stage high gain and high pass filtering, thus saving space and cost. 3. It uses a no - use constraint op amp to create a three pole low pass filter that eliminates additional noise. The user can select the cutoff frequency of all filters to meet the needs of different types of applications. 4. In order to improve the common mode rejection performance of system line frequency and other undesirable interference, AD8232 has an amplifier built for drive driven applications such as right drive (RLD). 5. It includes a fast recovery feature that reduces the long tail length of a high pass filter. If the signal of the amplifier rail voltage changes suddenly (such as lead out), the AD8232 will automatically adjust to a higher filter cutoff state. This feature allows the AD8232 to achieve rapid recovery, so that effective measurements can be obtained as soon as possible after the lead is connected to the electrodes of the measurement object. The rated temperature range of the utility model is from 0 to 70℃, and the operating temperature range is from -40 to 85 ℃.

Applications: Exercise and exercise heart rate monitoring; Portable ECG; Remote health monitoring; Game peripherals; Bioelectrical signal acquisition;

Features: 1. HPDRIVE high pass drive output. The HPDRIVE should be connected to the first high pass filter in the capacitor. The AD8232 drives the pin to keep the HPSENSE at the same level as the reference voltage. 2. +IN instrument amplifier positive input terminal. The +IN is usually attached to the left arm (LA) electrode. 3. - IN instrumentation amplifier negative input. - IN is usually connected to the right arm (RA) electrode. 4. RLDFB right leg drive feedback input. RLDFB is the feedback pin of the right leg drive circuit. 5. RLD right leg drive output. The drive electrode (usually the right leg) should be connected to the RLD pin. 6. SW fast recovery switch pin. This pin should be connected to the output of the second high pass filters. 7. OPAMP+ operational amplifier noninverting input. 8. REFOUT reference buffer output. The instrument amplifier output refers to this potential. The REFOUT should be used as a virtual point of any point in the circuit that requires a reference signal. 9. - OPAMP operational amplifier inverting input. 10. OUT op amp output. This output provides the adjusted heart rate signal. OUT can be connected to the input of the ADC. 11. LOD - lead off output end of the comparator. Fall detection mode in DC lead, and when the IN electrode is disconnected, LOD - in the high state, otherwise it is in a low state. In the exchange of lead off detection mode, LOD is always in the low state. Lead fall comparator output. In the DC Lead drop detection mode, the LOD+ is in the high state when the +IN electrode is disconnected, Otherwise, it is in a low level state. In the exchange of lead off detection mode, and when the IN or +IN electrode is disconnected, LOD+ is in a high level state, When the two electrodes are connected, they are in a low level state. 12. LOD+ 13. SDN shutdown control input. Drive the SDN to low level and enter a low power shutdown mode. 14. AC/DC lead fall mode control input. For DC Lead shedding mode, the AC/DC pin should be driven to a low level. For the AC lead shedding mode, the AC/DC pin should drive the high level. 15. FR fast recovery control input. Driving the FR high level allows quick recovery mode; otherwise, it should be driven to a low level. 16. GND power ground. 17. +VS power pins. 18. REFIN reference buffer input. The REFIN (high impedance input pin) can be used to set the level of the reference buffer. 19. IAOUT instrument amplifier output pin. 20. HPSENSE instrumentation amplifier high pass detection input. The HPSENSE shall be connected to the R and C nodes of the turn frequency of the set ups. EP exposed pads. The exposed pad should be GND or not connected.

Thông tin sản phẩm Single Lead AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor/ECG Developemt Kit for Arduino - intl

Bộ sản phẩm bao gồm:
  • 1 X HW-382 AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor Sensor Module
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